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Advanced Protein

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Over 50% of the dry weight of your body is protein! Every biological function, from breathing and absorbing oxygen to the formation of the connective tissue to the triggering of new muscle fibre creation, is controlled by thousands of different enzymes – all of which are protein.

It’s not surprising that nutrition scientists consider protein intake to be one of the key factors in physical development and performance. To build a better, bigger, stronger body you need the right amount of protein.

Muscle grows at its fastest rate when subjected to the trauma of short but intense bouts of weight training, while being fed quality, soluble protein several times a day. Hard trained athletes require up to 3.5g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight, which is 297g of protein for an 85kg man. One lean chicken breast contains just 20 – 25g of protein – this is why protein supplements are essential for those who push the poundage in the gym.

Our advanced range of protein shakes consists of only the finest quality protein sources, resulting in zero wastage – every microgram is biologically available. Protein is not just required immediately after training, far from it! Your body recovers, converts, rebuilds and regenerates itself for days after exercise, specifically during sleep. Understanding the complete adaptive muscle growth cycle, our best-selling and most scientifically advanced protein shake was formulated – GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN. Not only is it our best selling protein, it is also the first choice protein used by our athletes and recommended by their nutrition advisors. It consists of a precise blend of fast acting whey protein isolate, hydrolysate and concentrate plus medium and slow release polypeptide proteins extracted from cow’s milk.

For those who want the benefits of an all-in-one whey protein, WHEY PLUS HARCORE™, a mass gain whey protein, includes Creatacore™ creatine, glutamine peptides and Glycodrive-GH™. If you are looking for a premium quality, pure whey protein shake try ULTRA WHEY PROTEIN™. It contains hydrolysed whey protein and glutamine peptides in addition to whey protein isolate and concentrate.

SCI-MX® bases all its formulas on solid scientific evidence and the brand focuses on being the best, starting with the quality and quantity of the ingredients.



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