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Serious muscle gains start before you hit the gym

Build Lean Muscle  

If you want to pack on lean muscle and ward off unwanted body fat, it's not enough to simply train hard. Sports supplements make the difference between physiques which are simply "OK" and those with real "wow-factor". We know you want to achieve the best physique you can have.


Supplements are the key to achieving your physique goals

Build Lean Muscle   The key to attaining the peak of physical appearance, and performance, in building a lean, muscular toned physique, and having the confidence that comes from it, is ensuring that you complement a healthy, balanced diet with the best quality sports nutrition you can buy.

Build lean muscle to burn fat whilst you sleep

Build Lean Muscle  

There are plenty of benefits to having more lean muscle on your frame. Muscle creates a firm silhouette and quite simply makes you look better than less-lean individuals, however big you are. But one of muscle's best-kept secrets is that it turns your body into a real powerhouse, giving it the ability to burn fat even whilst you sleep.


Want to look like an Olympic sprinter? Here's how...

Olympic Sprinter  

When you watch track and field, which athletes do you want to look like? Chances are it's not the ultra-lean, wiry framed distance runner or the massively powerful shot-putter. Like most athletics fans, you'd probably like to build the kind of physique seen on 100m runners, decathletes and hurdlers.


Explosive exercises to boost lean muscle power

Explosive Exercises  

If lean, powerful muscle mass and minimal body fat is your goal, you need to take an intelligent approach to your training. By performing explosive exercises, you can build muscle size and boost your metabolism, burning through fat stores to reveal your lean mass.


Boost power to blast fat

Boost Power Blast Fat  

To blast body fat, you need to build power where it matters. We show you some basic principles on training, eating and sports supplements in order to boost power to blast fat. By following these tips, you can start seeing results quickly.


Build & tone muscle at the same time

Build Tone Muscle  

It's the holy grail of weight training: building lean muscle without gaining fat, all the while promoting toned muscle.
If that's your goal, we can help make it a reality.


Do you find it hard to gain muscle?

Gain Muscle  

The term 'hard gainer' refers to those of you with a naturally slim, athletic build, who struggle to pack on the slabs of lean muscle you’re hankering after. But, just because you're a hard gainer, it doesn't mean you can't put on muscle…


Talking muscle with Bath Rugby

Bath Rugby  

Rugby is hardcore: the modern player needs power, speed, agility, strength and stamina to perform well throughout the 80-minute game. Sci-MX supports Bath Rugby and we caught up with the team's Strength and Conditioning Coach, Paul Bunce, to find out the secrets of his players' nutrition.


Top 5 exercises to build power

Top 5 Power Exercises  

When it comes to training in the gym, there are a few tried-and-tested exercises which we come back to time and time again. Why? Quite simply, they work. Whether you want to develop a simple but effective weight-training routine, build power or strip body fat, these exercises are must-haves.


Train legs for all over body power

Train Legs  

Everyone loves a wide chest and big arms, but you can't afford to neglect your legs when it comes to building serious power in the gym. Not only does training your lower body ensure an even physique and balanced build, but leg strength means major calorie burn due to the sheer size of muscles like your glutes, quads and hamstrings.


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