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Athletic Health

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For your body to perform at its peak – every aspect of nutrition should be optimised. Immune health, cholesterol levels and antioxidant intake are just a few of the important factors that contribute to athletic performance.

While a healthy diet can provide all the micro nutrients and essential fats to keep you in perfect health, the realities of a busy modern lifestyle, along with the demands of a dedicated training programme, can result in sub-optimal overall nutrition intake.

In fact, studies with elite athletes have highlighted the capacity for intense physical training to reduce levels of key nutrients in the body. The impact can be reduced training intensity, a loss of strength, impaired recover and a lack of energy and well-being. That's why Sci-MX's range of athletic health supplements have been formulated with scientifically proven support nutrients. You'll find a broad spectrum of products, which include bioactive ingredients including Flaxseed oil with linoleic acid which helps maintain normal blood cholesterol concentrations, vitamin E to aid the protection of cells from oxidative damage vitamin B6 and magnesium to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin C is also a key nutrient when it comes to athletic health, since it helps to maintain normal immunity during and after extreme physical training. In addition to research-driven formulas, our products are guaranteed to contain effective levels of proven nutrients, providing serious gym users and athletes with highly effective support. Our athletic health supplements are designed to contribute to a balanced sports nutrition plan, helping to keep you at your best.


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