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Here at Sci-Mx New Zealand we celebrate excellence, and as much as we can we like to help those looking to achieve it.

Our sponsorship strategy is simple. Every year we sponsor up to a dozen athletes who are striving to be the best in their discipline, but are currently under the media / sponsorship radar. If you are seriously striving to be the next Valerie, Lydia or Richie, if there is a vacancy in our sponsored “team” we will be happy to talk with you.

Here is what we offer as a sponsorship package…

  • Up to $1000 worth of our Award-winning product for personal use.
    (product type will vary to suit your specific needs)
  • The opportunity to generate income through our unique referral program.
  • Access to promotional clothing and accessories (ideal for prize packs etc for fund raising)

Here is a list of our expectations for those we sponsor:

  • Race Reports/Athlete updates: As a sponsored athlete, you will be required to submit regular race/training reports, along with photos (high resolution 1MB+, copyright-free images).
  • Regular endorsement of the Sci-Mx brand. This involves promoting the brand through social media as well as in the real world. You will be expected to have both a Facebook and Twitter account, with at least one Sci-Mx reference per week posted on each.
  • Signing up to our PT (referral) program. This is a potentially major source of revenue for yourself, and also helps us pay the bills. You will be provided with a code enabling family and friends to purchase Sci-Mx off our website at discounted prices. The promotion of this code would be a major part of your online endorsement of Sci-MX.
  • On-site promotions. No more than three times per year, you will be requested to help with on-site promotions / demos at various events. 
  • Use of imagery. We reserve the right to use your name and / or image in any marketing we see fit to promote the Sci-Mx brand. This reservation extends to 12 months after any formal arrangement ends between the two parties.
  • We require that you do not have concurrent sponsorship with any other supplement company while being sponsored by us. 

If you would like to discuss sponsorship for the 2014/15 seasons, please send an email to sponsorship@sci-mx.co.nz , with a synopsis about who you are and where you are in your chosen sporting discipline. Any links to articles, recent team selections etc would greatly help also.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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